Gas and Bloating Are Common…but Not Normal!

Jennifer Trepeck
10 min readJun 2, 2022

Gotta Have Gut Health

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We’ve all had food babies once or twice in our lives. Yes, you heard me right, food babies. When our stomachs get so bloated after a hefty meal it looks like we’re pregnant? It’s uncomfortable!

If it happens often, you might think maybe something’s not right? But then again, everyone experiences bloating. It’s normal, they say. Same with upset stomach, diarrhea, acid reflux, or gas…normal because so many of us experience these symptoms. Truth be told, they’re signals to us from our bodies. Instead of viewing these common symptoms as normal, what if we learned to speak the language of our bodies and listened?! (GASP) Gastrointestinal discomfort does not have to be normal.

“Gut health” is used to describe the function and the balance of the bacteria in your digestive system. Complicating matters, it’s impacted by stress, alcohol consumption, and our food choices. Ideally, we want a “healthy gut,” but unfortunately about 70 million people in the US experience digestive diseases as a result of an unhealthy gut. These digestive diseases range from chronic constipation to Crohn’s Disease and virtually all autoimmune conditions. Still, not all symptoms of having an unhealthy gut are so dramatic. Either way, there are simple ways to keep your gut happy and healthy, and you’ll be surprised how easy they are!


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One word we always see next to gut health is probiotics. But what are they?! Probiotics are supplements that contain microorganisms which live in the GI tract. The supplement is designed to help maintain and support the live ecosystem living in your digestive system. Probiotics help regulate the microbiome that circulates through the digestive tract, which in turn reduces chances and symptoms of infections such as upper respiratory infections, irritable bowel syndrome, acute infectious diarrhea, and more. Keeping your microbiome healthy and balanced is key to overall health and wellness. In fact, about 70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract.

Probiotics work with and replenish the healthy bacteria in the…

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